Saturday, August 8, 2009

WARNING!!! Do not be Afraid of food!

OK so this isn't so much a Warning just a helpful hint.

If you always wanted or asked for advice about eating
and always got the answer
5 small meals a day

well its true, you haven't been lied to.

Mainly keep it the way it is in traditional spanish countries.

Breakfast Medium sized,
Lunch Large
Dinner Small

but remember to snack in between it!

Protein, Protein, Protein,

Thats what you need
1. to build up some muscle
2. to jump start that metabolism
3. because your body needs the other nutrients most protein based foods include.

There is also usually a big misunderstanding of what Protein is, and what Carbs are.
For some people you may think "Really people dont know the difference?"
But yes Alot of people don't know what is considered carbs and what isn't.

The protein list is easy
Fish, red meats, Poultry, eggs, even the other white meat (pork)

Now the Carb list is complicated so I'll try to simplify it into a easy categories.
1. Anything Hard that Crunches (crackers, Chips, Cereal )
2. Anything Sweet (Candy, chocolate, juice, cakes)
3. Things that go with your proteins (Bread, Potatoes, Pastas, Oatmeals)
4. The miscellaneous (fried things, Toppings/Condiments (not all) just bbq sauce, ketchup, salad dressings )

Basically look on the back of labels for things.

I'm certainly not saying don't take away these things just be conscious of it.

Sugar turns to fats
Carbs is what bloats/ builds you up
Fats are (well) fats and some are important for you but others bring you down. (like Trans fats and to many Saturated fats)

remember this cardinal rule/quote
No/Low Carbs doesnt mean No Fats
No/Low sugar doesnt mean No Carbs
No/Low Fats doesn't mean No Sugars

Basically just watch your intake. Try to stay away from Carbs/Sugars after 7 p.m.

but always make sure to eat some type of protein before bed so your body can use it while you sleep

Once again DO NOT be afraid of food,

Just be smart with it

5 meals a day
those 2 inbetween "Snack" meals
should be something like Nuts, or a granola bar, or Protein shakes.

that way your body is constantly fed, which is what you want, just not with bad stuff.

when your body is hungry and you finally eat, it will store all the fat and things that it can which you dont it to Store.
You want it to use and get rid of the waste!

I hope this was helpful

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