Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How it all Started!!!

I was once a young lad, fat and wallowing in my own self pity and Snack Cakes.

By the Age of 16 I was 240 lbs, a chubby kid with man boobies, and a belly!

I even gotten mistooken for a girl once by an old lady because i Had braided hair and big man boobies.

Those days are pass me and I'm now in alot better shape.

How it all started!!!

So I was tired of being picked on, passed over, and put down.
Being 240 during my Junior Year of highschool no longer appeased me.

So the summer of Junior Year I decided to make a change, I started Eating a tad bit better, I ran about a mile or 2 everyday. worked out as much as i could..

I also did alot of other methods of losing weight im not proud of...fat burners, and other secret stuff.

but after the summer i was about 210 my Senior year.

I was still hefty but I lost alot of weight!

i stayed between 210-205 my whole senior year.

My first year of college is what changed my life.
I met one of my good friends Cesear and we worked out almost everday.

I dropped down by the end of the 1st year of college to 165.
I worked out everyday.

To the point of it was an obsession (which I will explain in another blog later on.)

I started gaining weight again, but to what i thought was the right away
Ate a lot better
so then i got up to 210 pounds but it was good weight. (atleast i thought)

Did a diet last summer (08) and got down to about 173, but I got violently sick and was out of commission and couldn't diet anymore.

so then I climbed back up this time for sure a better way to about 205.

Now im back on a diet and preparing my show to possibly do a competitive bodybuilding show!
at lightweight!

I have been dieting already for 3 months, and droped about 30 lbs I'm 176 but still carrying body fat and extra skin..

My goal now isn't to get to 150 or anything but now its about what I look like by the end of my serious No carb body building diet now.

This will be more of a picture blog, to track progress although I have to put old pictures in to show you the road before this new journey of possibly competiting Begins!

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