Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of week 3





This week update you guys may not notice much difference, because idont have a great camera plus nothing really to show.
my skin has gotten tighter, (which is the main thing I need)

my traps are getting better also. finally seeing seperation in my biceps and triceps which is good.

I had stres becausee i felt like i wasn't losing the weight this week, so I retained alot of water from it.

which bloated me up. I was suppose to change my diet up because of it. but since I mad weight this week, and next week i start work so i"ll be more active, the weight should come off a little better so I'm going to stick with the diet i've been on.

Tune in next week to see how that goes.
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  1. You are doing great! Keep it up!! :)

  2. Thank You, that actually means alot to me!

    CHANGE IS COMING! sorry I'm saying that as I'm looking at a Obama picture