Monday, August 31, 2009

A new Confidence

So I was buggin out last week, but over the weekend I did some evaluating of this whole situation. Also did some posing with my Trainer now that my diet and cardio has changed as well I know i'll make the weight that I need to be for the competition (at least Hope I do).

The posing is what really brought my spirits high, I looked alot better than I thought I would when I was fully flexed. My muscles are developing and the fat is going away nicely, the biggest thing is the extra skin and fat from when I was bigger.
My Trainer also gave me a compliment, which are as rare as the solar eclipse, so that had me a little happy.

On top of that I had my cheat meal and It was finally something that I wanted!
PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWHICH, SUNCHIPS AND SALSA (new flavor of sunchips also chipotle style pretty decent not as good as Garden Salsa).
Those were the 2 most important. I also had Chicken Salad which was calling my name since my dad made it 2 days before. and 5 oz steak with steak sauce.
Doesn't seem like much of a CHEAT meal, considering all that stuff was fairly healthy (even the sugar free strawberry jam, and natrual peanut butter on Ezikel Break **bread with no flour**)
But I only Gained 3lbs, (where I usually gain like 5/6) and after the first day dropped 2lbs already.

So I'm ecstatic and confident now.
Well there is still 8 weeks left til I know If I can compete.
Now i'm Praying to be able to compete! I wanna get a good place!!!!!!

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