Monday, November 2, 2009

The Plan until Thanksgiving!

Since I'm not doing the show anymore its 1 of 2 things that can happen for me.

I can do no carb til the end of the month, but do what I want Sat and sundays.

Or I can do Carb Cycling (like I did during the summer) until DEC.

The original plan was to stop and start the new diet when I was given my new plan on NOV 16th.

But why start a Gaining plan in the middle of the month right before THANKSGIVING!!!!!

So I'd figure i'll just keep doing No carb until the end of the month.
(which Mentally will ease my mind for the destruction that will be known as Thanksgiving feasting!!!)

So I can either do No Carb and eat what I want weekends (cheat days instead of meals (which are actually still somewhat healthy for me (except them Pies, I've been murdering)

Or I can do my 3-2-1-0-0 carb cycling.

I'm leaning towards No carb, but I also Started running again (want to start getting into 5ks 10ks half marathons). Which doing the Carb Cycling would be better for.
I also wouldn't cheat Sat and SuN if I did carb cycling. matter of fact i would just have the one "Cheat Meal" Sat, and let that be that.

Hmmm Decisions.

My Birthday & Halloween Eating Blow out!!!!

OMG i dont even know where to begin on the things I ate.

*The foods outside of my diet*
Sat 10/24 it was just one bowl of Cereal, and wings, steak and a Pie (Apple)

Sun 10/25 4 bowls of Cereal, Pie (Cherry) Red Robyn Monster burger 2 patties, and 2 orders of Fries!

Sat 10/31 1 Bowl of Cereal Omelet, 2 Pies (cherry and Apple), 2 cookies (oatmeal raisin), Noodles and company Wheat Linguine and Chicken!, half a rotissere chicken,
PB and J sandwhich, Chicken burger Sandwich

omg lol What Diet?

and Tuesday 11/3 I'll be eating something else, (my Friend is going to celebrate my bday for me) why tuesday? you ask....
I'm off she is off. and my body is craving.

I think the only reason i ate so much on those 3 days mentioned is because my body was craving. for the past 7 months I have put my body through hell with this Diet.

so for now and I'll be eating what I want Sat and Sun and mon-Fri doing no carb. (after 11/3) til about thanksgiving.