Friday, August 21, 2009

Completely frustrated!!!!!

I'm stressed at the fact I'm not losing the weight im suppose to.

Now don't get me wrong I'm losing weight. but just not as much and as fast as I need to.

I should of lost atleast 10 lbs by now, but I have only lost 6-8 lbs...Tomm morning will determine, if my diet is going to change (which I pray it doesn't) Or if I hold on one more week to what I have.

I've taken precautions and I'm not drinking as much liquid at night, which helps. and I am cutting out my Gum, molly mcbutter. it sucks.

Basically If my diet changes, thats more money and less food Spent and eaten and its already hard as is.

Well Pray for me, I'll update in the morning.

Edit: 8/22/09
Well its Saturday moning
I weighed in at the weight I wanted/needed to be 169.5 and 170.5.
I think my Scale is just old and messed up, you have to stand on it a certain way or you will fluxate your weight. (atleast thats what I'm going with)

Anyway I'll take it. so I'm happy

My diet still has to change unfortunately but now not til next week. instead of Sunday.

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