Friday, August 7, 2009

Exercise Anorexia

COMPULSIVE EXERCISE (A.K.A. Exercise anorexia)

Exercise anorexia involves low food intake with compulsive exercise behaviors. The person with this eating disorder often goes undetected due to the lack of information about the harmful effects of over exercise behaviors. Furthermore, the compulsive exerciser may eat an average amount of food, disregarding others from being alarmed. However, compulsive exercise behaviors cause bodily harm much like anorexic and bulimic consequences and likewise, exercise anorexia can be fatal. Source

Yes this is real and yes I have/had it. (Still don't quite know yet since I work out everyday anyway)

It started when in my first year of college when I was really losing the weight..

Less food and exercising was the way to go for me, because the pounds were dropping and i was getting slimmer.

I was running to exhaustion, doing weights for about 2-3 hours and running 4 to 5 miles.

If I missed a day in the gym, I would freak. I would feel the need to work out at home or just feel very uncomfortable.

Even though I lost weight i'm sure I wasn't doing it the right way, but Hey I was losing and couldn't complain.

This is when I made my 1st drop from 210 to about 165 in close to a year.

My diet was slim.. a few eggs in the morning fruit

snack was a granola bar

lunch was something a turkey sandwich or subway

protein bar or shake for another snack (and not quality protein)

and then whatever for dinner

This was when I didn't know any better..

Didn't know what to restrict, just knew i couldnt eat much

I kept my Caloric intake to under 2000, (between 1200-1700) kept my fats down to under 20g sat

I didn't know about carb intake (at the time) so That was still pretty high.

I wish i Knew what I know now then, because I wouldnt be 23 and working as hard as I am now.

I just wanna worn everyone before you do a diet plan or start working out, study, research and just ask.

Just because your losing weight doesn't mean your doing it absolutely right.

Unfortunately there is a Right and Wrong way of doing it believe it or not.

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