Monday, August 31, 2009

About to break

This was actually written Friday when I was going insane, my follow up blog should clarify how I feel now.

As week 4 of no carb diet comes to a close, the stress is getting to me. I'm only about 8 or 10lbs down from the start of that day Aug 3rd.
Granite the food and the Cardio fuckin suck. I think the worst thing is the mind fuck the Weight Scale puts on you. In my ear I have my trainer telling me I should have lost more weight than I have this month. Which I can't see how considering I've been dieting for 4 whole months now. I mean how much was I really suppobe to lose when Ive lost close to 25lbs before august. Now i'm at a total of about 35lbs lost since summer, alot of fat loss and I can see abs.
There not poppin out or anything like I want them to, but they are noticable, which essentially I wanted in the beginning.
I'm happy with my resulsts so far. I know it can be better but it would be nice to just pick up a handful of animal crackers again or have a chipotle burrito, not even the burrito really just the salad dressing sauce or some chick-fil-a sauce. I haven't had those things in forever, not even in my Carb cycling days.
To be honest I'd love to just go back to carb cycling. Which I will probably after this no carb is over so I don't gain back to much weight.
I'm goign to stick with it until my B-day (which I originally planned anyway). Which also still in hindsight leaves me with 2 months left of dieting, but hell by that time I'll know if I'm going to be able to compete or not, saying that to myself, I feel better about it. I promised myself to be in this til my Birthday and thats what I'm going to do!!!!
LOL its just the morning time that kill me. Weight Scale & 4 eggs suck! thats when I'm most doubting myself.

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