Monday, August 31, 2009

A new Confidence

So I was buggin out last week, but over the weekend I did some evaluating of this whole situation. Also did some posing with my Trainer now that my diet and cardio has changed as well I know i'll make the weight that I need to be for the competition (at least Hope I do).

The posing is what really brought my spirits high, I looked alot better than I thought I would when I was fully flexed. My muscles are developing and the fat is going away nicely, the biggest thing is the extra skin and fat from when I was bigger.
My Trainer also gave me a compliment, which are as rare as the solar eclipse, so that had me a little happy.

On top of that I had my cheat meal and It was finally something that I wanted!
PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWHICH, SUNCHIPS AND SALSA (new flavor of sunchips also chipotle style pretty decent not as good as Garden Salsa).
Those were the 2 most important. I also had Chicken Salad which was calling my name since my dad made it 2 days before. and 5 oz steak with steak sauce.
Doesn't seem like much of a CHEAT meal, considering all that stuff was fairly healthy (even the sugar free strawberry jam, and natrual peanut butter on Ezikel Break **bread with no flour**)
But I only Gained 3lbs, (where I usually gain like 5/6) and after the first day dropped 2lbs already.

So I'm ecstatic and confident now.
Well there is still 8 weeks left til I know If I can compete.
Now i'm Praying to be able to compete! I wanna get a good place!!!!!!

About to break

This was actually written Friday when I was going insane, my follow up blog should clarify how I feel now.

As week 4 of no carb diet comes to a close, the stress is getting to me. I'm only about 8 or 10lbs down from the start of that day Aug 3rd.
Granite the food and the Cardio fuckin suck. I think the worst thing is the mind fuck the Weight Scale puts on you. In my ear I have my trainer telling me I should have lost more weight than I have this month. Which I can't see how considering I've been dieting for 4 whole months now. I mean how much was I really suppobe to lose when Ive lost close to 25lbs before august. Now i'm at a total of about 35lbs lost since summer, alot of fat loss and I can see abs.
There not poppin out or anything like I want them to, but they are noticable, which essentially I wanted in the beginning.
I'm happy with my resulsts so far. I know it can be better but it would be nice to just pick up a handful of animal crackers again or have a chipotle burrito, not even the burrito really just the salad dressing sauce or some chick-fil-a sauce. I haven't had those things in forever, not even in my Carb cycling days.
To be honest I'd love to just go back to carb cycling. Which I will probably after this no carb is over so I don't gain back to much weight.
I'm goign to stick with it until my B-day (which I originally planned anyway). Which also still in hindsight leaves me with 2 months left of dieting, but hell by that time I'll know if I'm going to be able to compete or not, saying that to myself, I feel better about it. I promised myself to be in this til my Birthday and thats what I'm going to do!!!!
LOL its just the morning time that kill me. Weight Scale & 4 eggs suck! thats when I'm most doubting myself.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of Week 4





I actually Gained a pound this week, but I found out it was because my Water hasn't been as much as I should.

But I felt alot better about myself after I did some Posing with my Trainer, I looked pretty good.
I gained some muscle

1 month down 2 months and 3 weeks to go!!!!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Stress Causes added weight!

So the thing about this diet, is the stress that comes along with it.

Eat every 3 hours no later than 3 1/2 if you can't help it.

You can only have this amount of [insert meal] but you can't have this [insert meal] at this time.

You didn't lose any weight this week then [insert problem] must be wrong. or you have to increase cardio.

There are just so many specifics to this diet.
I'm completely happy now to where I'm at, this was my target weight.


there are far many more things than just weight I need to work on. I have to keep going til my skin tightens up. Also more fat is off.. there is just alot

It really stresses me out alot to be completely honest.
I don't want to let my Trainer down, He has blessed me with the knowledge and hard work for me to have the body I have been waiting for since I was 5 (and knew about super heros and such).
He has taken out time, effort, money, and my blood (lol) for me to get the way I am now. I have about 13 more weeks until I know If I'm able to do that show or not.
I don't want to let him down, and more importantly myself down.

But with all this Stress my body holds on to water weight.

So I have to learn to let it go and let nature be.

Things are either meant to be or their not.
but i'm trying hard for them to be.

Had to get this topic out of me, so I can remain focused.

3 weeks are down, I'm down 7-9 lbs I'm doing well, as long as I keep up the 1-3lb drop every week im good!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of week 3





This week update you guys may not notice much difference, because idont have a great camera plus nothing really to show.
my skin has gotten tighter, (which is the main thing I need)

my traps are getting better also. finally seeing seperation in my biceps and triceps which is good.

I had stres becausee i felt like i wasn't losing the weight this week, so I retained alot of water from it.

which bloated me up. I was suppose to change my diet up because of it. but since I mad weight this week, and next week i start work so i"ll be more active, the weight should come off a little better so I'm going to stick with the diet i've been on.

Tune in next week to see how that goes.
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Friday, August 21, 2009

Completely frustrated!!!!!

I'm stressed at the fact I'm not losing the weight im suppose to.

Now don't get me wrong I'm losing weight. but just not as much and as fast as I need to.

I should of lost atleast 10 lbs by now, but I have only lost 6-8 lbs...Tomm morning will determine, if my diet is going to change (which I pray it doesn't) Or if I hold on one more week to what I have.

I've taken precautions and I'm not drinking as much liquid at night, which helps. and I am cutting out my Gum, molly mcbutter. it sucks.

Basically If my diet changes, thats more money and less food Spent and eaten and its already hard as is.

Well Pray for me, I'll update in the morning.

Edit: 8/22/09
Well its Saturday moning
I weighed in at the weight I wanted/needed to be 169.5 and 170.5.
I think my Scale is just old and messed up, you have to stand on it a certain way or you will fluxate your weight. (atleast thats what I'm going with)

Anyway I'll take it. so I'm happy

My diet still has to change unfortunately but now not til next week. instead of Sunday.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

End of Week 2 of the diet





So Ive been really stressed out this week, stress reflects on your body.

These also aren't the best pictures like the other one because I used a different camera that was worst (don't ask why) and I was kinda in a rush.
But honestly my body looks better than week 1, (I guess you'll have to just take my word for it)

Today was also Cheat meal day.

I had a 1 pound burger from Fuddruckers, it was good, but i'm still full and I ate it 4 hours ago.

Cheat meals are important Yes you gain weight, but you lose it so much faster within in a week, for reasons a little bit beyond my explanation I'll have to find an article or something on it.

Sorry for the bad pics once again, but hopefully next week's update will be better.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

End of Week 1 No Carb

Here are the results of the end of week 1 (Aug 8, 2009) of my no carb diet, 15 weeks left until The competition I plan to do in November.

On top of that i may have like another 15-20 lbs to go.Its been tough this week honestly.
Between the memory lapse the aner, its crazysorry for the pictures like this, I think you can tell which ones im flexing and which ones im not.
Well on to week 2!
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This is the stages ive been through so far. This where I started in the beginning of Summer, May 4th, Til I started my new diet August 3rd!

It would be better if i had someone taking the picture for me, but ofcourse i don't. so i had to do the ghetto, myspace/facebook mirror picture. (which I hate) but o well this was in the name of progression

  1. Please also dont misunderstand this as a vanity thing...just read my blog about the 4 C's and u will understand
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

WARNING!!! Do not be Afraid of food!

OK so this isn't so much a Warning just a helpful hint.

If you always wanted or asked for advice about eating
and always got the answer
5 small meals a day

well its true, you haven't been lied to.

Mainly keep it the way it is in traditional spanish countries.

Breakfast Medium sized,
Lunch Large
Dinner Small

but remember to snack in between it!

Protein, Protein, Protein,

Thats what you need
1. to build up some muscle
2. to jump start that metabolism
3. because your body needs the other nutrients most protein based foods include.

There is also usually a big misunderstanding of what Protein is, and what Carbs are.
For some people you may think "Really people dont know the difference?"
But yes Alot of people don't know what is considered carbs and what isn't.

The protein list is easy
Fish, red meats, Poultry, eggs, even the other white meat (pork)

Now the Carb list is complicated so I'll try to simplify it into a easy categories.
1. Anything Hard that Crunches (crackers, Chips, Cereal )
2. Anything Sweet (Candy, chocolate, juice, cakes)
3. Things that go with your proteins (Bread, Potatoes, Pastas, Oatmeals)
4. The miscellaneous (fried things, Toppings/Condiments (not all) just bbq sauce, ketchup, salad dressings )

Basically look on the back of labels for things.

I'm certainly not saying don't take away these things just be conscious of it.

Sugar turns to fats
Carbs is what bloats/ builds you up
Fats are (well) fats and some are important for you but others bring you down. (like Trans fats and to many Saturated fats)

remember this cardinal rule/quote
No/Low Carbs doesnt mean No Fats
No/Low sugar doesnt mean No Carbs
No/Low Fats doesn't mean No Sugars

Basically just watch your intake. Try to stay away from Carbs/Sugars after 7 p.m.

but always make sure to eat some type of protein before bed so your body can use it while you sleep

Once again DO NOT be afraid of food,

Just be smart with it

5 meals a day
those 2 inbetween "Snack" meals
should be something like Nuts, or a granola bar, or Protein shakes.

that way your body is constantly fed, which is what you want, just not with bad stuff.

when your body is hungry and you finally eat, it will store all the fat and things that it can which you dont it to Store.
You want it to use and get rid of the waste!

I hope this was helpful

Friday, August 7, 2009

Exercise Anorexia

COMPULSIVE EXERCISE (A.K.A. Exercise anorexia)

Exercise anorexia involves low food intake with compulsive exercise behaviors. The person with this eating disorder often goes undetected due to the lack of information about the harmful effects of over exercise behaviors. Furthermore, the compulsive exerciser may eat an average amount of food, disregarding others from being alarmed. However, compulsive exercise behaviors cause bodily harm much like anorexic and bulimic consequences and likewise, exercise anorexia can be fatal. Source

Yes this is real and yes I have/had it. (Still don't quite know yet since I work out everyday anyway)

It started when in my first year of college when I was really losing the weight..

Less food and exercising was the way to go for me, because the pounds were dropping and i was getting slimmer.

I was running to exhaustion, doing weights for about 2-3 hours and running 4 to 5 miles.

If I missed a day in the gym, I would freak. I would feel the need to work out at home or just feel very uncomfortable.

Even though I lost weight i'm sure I wasn't doing it the right way, but Hey I was losing and couldn't complain.

This is when I made my 1st drop from 210 to about 165 in close to a year.

My diet was slim.. a few eggs in the morning fruit

snack was a granola bar

lunch was something a turkey sandwich or subway

protein bar or shake for another snack (and not quality protein)

and then whatever for dinner

This was when I didn't know any better..

Didn't know what to restrict, just knew i couldnt eat much

I kept my Caloric intake to under 2000, (between 1200-1700) kept my fats down to under 20g sat

I didn't know about carb intake (at the time) so That was still pretty high.

I wish i Knew what I know now then, because I wouldnt be 23 and working as hard as I am now.

I just wanna worn everyone before you do a diet plan or start working out, study, research and just ask.

Just because your losing weight doesn't mean your doing it absolutely right.

Unfortunately there is a Right and Wrong way of doing it believe it or not.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How it all Started!!!

I was once a young lad, fat and wallowing in my own self pity and Snack Cakes.

By the Age of 16 I was 240 lbs, a chubby kid with man boobies, and a belly!

I even gotten mistooken for a girl once by an old lady because i Had braided hair and big man boobies.

Those days are pass me and I'm now in alot better shape.

How it all started!!!

So I was tired of being picked on, passed over, and put down.
Being 240 during my Junior Year of highschool no longer appeased me.

So the summer of Junior Year I decided to make a change, I started Eating a tad bit better, I ran about a mile or 2 everyday. worked out as much as i could..

I also did alot of other methods of losing weight im not proud of...fat burners, and other secret stuff.

but after the summer i was about 210 my Senior year.

I was still hefty but I lost alot of weight!

i stayed between 210-205 my whole senior year.

My first year of college is what changed my life.
I met one of my good friends Cesear and we worked out almost everday.

I dropped down by the end of the 1st year of college to 165.
I worked out everyday.

To the point of it was an obsession (which I will explain in another blog later on.)

I started gaining weight again, but to what i thought was the right away
Ate a lot better
so then i got up to 210 pounds but it was good weight. (atleast i thought)

Did a diet last summer (08) and got down to about 173, but I got violently sick and was out of commission and couldn't diet anymore.

so then I climbed back up this time for sure a better way to about 205.

Now im back on a diet and preparing my show to possibly do a competitive bodybuilding show!
at lightweight!

I have been dieting already for 3 months, and droped about 30 lbs I'm 176 but still carrying body fat and extra skin..

My goal now isn't to get to 150 or anything but now its about what I look like by the end of my serious No carb body building diet now.

This will be more of a picture blog, to track progress although I have to put old pictures in to show you the road before this new journey of possibly competiting Begins!