Monday, September 21, 2009

The Pain is starting to set in

Now being on Week 8 of the no carb diet, Im starting to feel it, the cheat means don't carry me through the whole week anymore, they carry me til about Tuesday, Wednesday if I'm lucky.
By Thursday and Friday I'm completely done, It pains me to just move.
I feel like whatever energy, ki, blood, aura, whatever it is that keeps me afloat is gone.

Thank God I have the type of job where I'm sitting down and not doing alot of moving. (or that could be the bad thing?)

I have 8 more weeks til that show, (if I do it, which I may not)

But Like I have said in other post, I will continue to do this diet, at the very least until my birthday week (October 26th) But I will more than likely continue up until the day I am suppose to compete (November 20th) which is an extra 4 weeks on top of it, (which would still be 12 weeks of no carbing, which is normal for most competitors)

I dont mind dieting until then because I have a great excuse to just abuse Thanksgiving. although i thnk regardless for about 4 days im eating what I want when i want anyway. then going back to clean eating. I'll keep yall posted.

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