Monday, November 2, 2009

My Birthday & Halloween Eating Blow out!!!!

OMG i dont even know where to begin on the things I ate.

*The foods outside of my diet*
Sat 10/24 it was just one bowl of Cereal, and wings, steak and a Pie (Apple)

Sun 10/25 4 bowls of Cereal, Pie (Cherry) Red Robyn Monster burger 2 patties, and 2 orders of Fries!

Sat 10/31 1 Bowl of Cereal Omelet, 2 Pies (cherry and Apple), 2 cookies (oatmeal raisin), Noodles and company Wheat Linguine and Chicken!, half a rotissere chicken,
PB and J sandwhich, Chicken burger Sandwich

omg lol What Diet?

and Tuesday 11/3 I'll be eating something else, (my Friend is going to celebrate my bday for me) why tuesday? you ask....
I'm off she is off. and my body is craving.

I think the only reason i ate so much on those 3 days mentioned is because my body was craving. for the past 7 months I have put my body through hell with this Diet.

so for now and I'll be eating what I want Sat and Sun and mon-Fri doing no carb. (after 11/3) til about thanksgiving.

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